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Tom Schneider Construction is a custom home and remodeling company, with proven expertise in virtually every aspect of residential building.

custom homes residential remodeling

Our experience extends to new additions, kitchens, bathrooms, interiors, exteriors and more, including windows, doors, and siding. We also bring a skilled approach to unique projects such as decks, entryways, gazebos and porches. 

Whether we’re working with elegant marble or granite; rustic cherry, oak or pine; country charm or urban sophistication; the TSC team will get every detail just right, every time.

The fact is, Tom Schneider Construction has seen it all since our founding back in 1986, and we’ve already solved just about every construction challenge you could imagine. From the top floor to the basement and everywhere in between, and from your front walk to your back patio, we’re committed to turning it all into a home you can be proud of.